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Report by Mrs. F. from Germany (AlaxoLito Xtreme Nasal Stent):

I am sooo happy with the Alaxo!!! Every day I am thankful for this invention!!! The sense of smell and taste are completely back! This is one of the reasons why I love the stent so much.!

Report by Mr. D. from Lithuania (AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent):

I'm writing you to say thank you one more time. After trying the stents for a few weeks now, I finally breathe comfortably during the night. My sleep improved noticeably, and as a result, my quality of life as well. I just wanted to say that I appreciate what you do, and I hope you will continue doing what you are doing because you are making a difference!

Report by Mr. W. from Germany (AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent):

I have been very satisfied with the stents over the past few months and hope that the Xtreme model will have an even better effect.

Report by Mr. F. from Ireland (AlaxoLito Xtreme Nasal Stent):

I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know that the stent worked like a miracle. I haven´t slept that well in a very long time. It is a life changer! Thank you so much for producing and providing it. It really is going to make such a difference to me going forward!.

Report by Mr. L. from Germany (AlaxoLito Xtreme Nasal Stent):

After two weeks of using the AlaxoLito Xtreme Nasal Stent my feedback. To say it in one sentence: I am highly satisfied. My expectation has been completely fulfilled. The stent has exactly the right length for me. And it also has the fitting strength to open up the nose. When inserted the left side of my nasal septum is more sensitive than the right one but in total the stents are comfortable enough to wear, despite my CPAP mask. By all means, a very clear improvement - since using the stents I never have used nasal spray again.So hatte ich mir das vorgestellt. Der Stent hat genau die richtige Länge für mich. Er hat auch die richtige Stärke die Nase zu öffnen. Wenn die Stents eingesetzt sind, ist die linke Hälfte meiner Nasenscheidewand etwas druckempfindlicher als rechts, aber in Summe noch angenehm zu tragen, trotz meiner CPAP-Maske. Auf jeden Fall ein sehr deutlicher Fortschritt - ich habe seitdem keine Nasentropfen mehr gebraucht.

Report by Mr. R. from Germany (AlaxoLito Xtreme Nasenstent):

Of course the AlaxoLito Xtreme Nasal Stent is in need of getting used to. But after 10 years of intense nasal breathing problems for the first time I do see land again. My nasal breathing has significantly improved and my nose is much more moisty.

Report by Mr. D. from USA (AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent):

Finally managed to get the stents. Wow, wish I had gotten them a decade ago. I would like to express my gratitude for creating this amazing technology and pushing it through to the U.S. From a sleep perspective, for me, this is life changing.

Report by Mr. Y. from Germany (AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent) after nine months of use:

I use the stent for sleeping and it 100% fulfills its tasks. I am very satisfied.

Report by Mrs. K. from Germany (AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent, from March 2019 on AlaxoLito Xtreme Nasal Stent):

Previously the CPAP therapy did not function well. With the AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent the CPAP pressure could be lowered from 8 mbar to 6 mbar. Now the air passes well the nose.

After two months:

In the meantime I use the stents in both nasal passages as this - as expected - is more effective. Next week I will have another appointment at my respirologist as I am really not satisfied with CPAP (still extreme air swallowing...).

After four months:

I am continuously very happy with the AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stents. Further, I could observe that due to the stents my nose does not dry out any longer during the night... This is really due to the stent as I discontinued use of CPAP. Even after reduction of the pressure I swallow lots of air and I definitely do not tolerate the machine. In addiiton, the dry nose existed before I got the CPAP machine.

Now I am going to get a mandibular advancement device. This hopefully will prevent my tongue falling back in the night during sleep. Just as the stents keep my nasal passages free.... I really look forward to enjoy the best sleep of my life....

After five months:

I am really highly satisfied and don´t want to miss the stents!!!! After all, I owe my strictly improved night´s rest to the stents!!

After four years (switch to the new AlaxoLito Xtreme Nasal Stent):

I am very happy because for the first time in my long life I can inhale soo much air through my right nostril. Many many thanks for development of this extremely helpful stent. Thereby each night becomes better!!

Einen Monat später:

Summing up, I have now a feeling for how far I have to insert the two stents to achieve the best possible position and effect. Sleep quality indeed thereby has really improved .. Thank you so much!!!

Report by Mrs. G. from Germany (AlaxoLito Nasal Stent) after three months of use:

I am highly satisfied. During sleep and sports (tennis) I never want to do it without the stents anymore.

Report by Dr. S. from Germany (AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent):

The sleeping comfort is unbelievably better.

Report by Mr. F. from Australia (AlaxoLito):

I purchased AlaxoLito Nasal Stent a few years ago and they are fantastic.

Report by an internationally renowned opera singer (AlaxoLito / AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stents):

The nasal resonance chamber is essentially crucial for the quality of the voice, for the speaking voice as well as for the singing voice. If nasal breathing is not optimal for any reason, or even markedly impaired, then the voice cannot fully unfold.

In my case maintaining patency of the right nasal entry is not possible without stent. With the nasal stent breathing immediately is much better and much deeper. The speaking voice immediately gets richer in resonances, the singing voice Champions League quality.

During inhalation the nose must be open so that breathing can be as deep as possible (ideal breathing for optimal use of the body during singing, sports, etc.; also just to be concentrated: oxygen exchange!). The more open the nose, the more balanced one can be. The diaphragm reaches far more down with open nose and closed mouth as compared to breathing through the mouth when closing the nose.

Actually, the nose is closed only during holding the breath, during a cold, due to allergies (swollen mucosa). A feeling of panic quickly occurs.

The diaphragm muscle is optimally stimulated and trained only by an intact nasal breathing. It is about the control (concious or unconcious) of the continuous air column which makes the master.

The stronger the diaphragm muscle the better the body-awareness and control of the voice. Und this is enabled by the AlaxoLito Nasal Stent due to keeing open the nose.

In my singers master class one clearly hears the difference between open and closed nose of the students during singing. With an open nose singing is much more fluent and has more high frequencies in the voice. The text is much better understandable and the voice gets much more sound, despite these singers do not suffer from decreased nasal breathing. They just must learn to always keep open the nose, during inhalation and during exhalation. The same applies for the speaking voice.

And a metaphor regarding nasal breathing: I compare that with a car where the fuel pipe is partially congested. With that you can´t win a race

Report by Mrs. N. from Switzerland (AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent):

I can´t sleep at all without the stent. I suffer from chronic sinusitis and your product enables me - together with drugs - to sleep at all for ± 8h. I am very satisfied with the stent.

Report by Mr. B. from Australia (AlaxoLito Nasal Stent):

I have put up with breathing problems (deviated nasal septum) for over 25 years due to initially having my nose broken playing rugby. I have had 3 operations on my nose. All that I achieved from this was more severe breathing problems as the more cartilage that was chiselled out of my nose the worse my breathing became. My quality of sleep up until now has been shocking.

I have tried the CPAP machines but you can’t force air up a blocked pipe!  Not being able to breathe effects you both physically, mentally and emotionally. I became very dependent on nasal sprays, the problem with nasal sprays is that due to using them all the time they eventually cause your nose to bleed so then your nose blocks with blood and you are no further ahead. I also tried the salt water nasal sprays and nasal strips with no success.

My wife recently suggested that I search the internet to see what other options were available to me and that’s when I came across the AlaxoLito.

The first couple of times I tried to insert it was a little uncomfortable due to not knowing exactly what I was doing. I now know what angle to insert it and have no problem at all inserting it in less than 10 seconds. I too can honestly say the AlaxoLito has changed my life. Because of the AlaxoLito, I am now able to have consistently good sleeps. When it is inserted I can actually take a deep breath through my nose which I haven’t been able to do for over 25 years! My wife tells me that I look brighter in the morning and no longer snore which is another massive bonus. I’m not sure how long this product has been around but I wish that it was available to me a long time ago. I think that this product should be advertised on TV and given as an option to doctors and sleep clinics as it clearly works better and is less cumbersome than CPAP machines

This product has changed and possibly extended my life!! I have been through a lot of pain, discomfort and exhaustion over the last 25 years and the first night I used this product I felt like a different person.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Report by Mr. R. from Switzerland (AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent):

I sleep for 10 days now with one of your stents in my right nasal passage. My sleep quality is significantly better and the nasal passage remains mostly patent now. So far my right nasal passage congested more or less early each night. The only relie was decongesting nasal spray which on the long term are dangerous. I still have some problem with mucus formation but in general I am happy with the stent. In the morning I feel much more relaxed than before.

Report by Mr. K. from Australia (AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent):

I have suffered from chronic sinusitis for 8 years now. I chose to undergo a major surgery to correct the problem. Unfortunately the surgery was not successful, and there was little to no benefit from the procedure.

I became overly dependent on nasal sprays and began desperately seeking other remedies none of which had any real benefit. I was becoming desperate.

I thought to myself, imagine if there was a nasal stent for people who suffer from chronic sinusitis. As it turns out, there was. I can honestly say the AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent has changed my life. Because of the AlaxoLito, I am now able to have consistently good sleeps, and the best part is there are no dangerous drugs or nasal sprays involved. My health has continued to improve, and I owe it all to the AlaxoLito. A truly amazing product that has changed my life. If only I had known about the AlaxoLito earlier.

I would highly recommend this product to any person who suffers from chronic sinusitis. With all my experience dealing with the debilitating condition that is chronic sinusitis, I can say without a doubt that the AlaxoLito is the best product I have ever come across to treat this condition.

Care needs to be taken when inserting and removing the stent, but through continued use this is quickly learned and proves to be no problem.

Report by Mr. L. from Germany (AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent):

I use your AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent for 5 months now. Basically, I am very satisfied with the stent and have recommended it already several times in my circle of acquaintances.

Report by Mr. O. from Germany; due to nasal structure problems a difficult case (AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent in combination with CPAP):

Since January 27, 2016 I am testing the AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent. Initially I had problems with strongly increased mucus formation in the nose during application of the stent so that at the beginning I inserted the stent only for a few hours over the day. Insofar adaptation was difficult. But progressively I could increase the period of use. Since a few days I now sleep with the stent. Due to increased mucus formation the improvement so far is limited. Yet, I recognize in the meantime that tolerance is steadily increasing.

On February 17, 2016 I had another appointment at Dr. J. and we have agreed that I can continue use and testing of the stent, the more as I am convinced of the concept of this therapy and have the patience to wait for success.

Dr. J. in the initial examination has found that I have a septum deviation and turbinate hyperplasia on both sides which are the causes for my decreased nasal breathing.


April 14, 2016: ... in the meantime I live very well with the AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent. The initial problems are overcome. The patience was rewarded: the success in application is noticeable. I use the stent during the night in combination with the CPAP therapy.

Report by Dr. S. from Germany (AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent during sports):

I have tested for the first time the AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent in one nasal passage during 10 km running:
- introduction into the nose without any problems
- difference to previous runs: the breathing rhythm at identical speed was more "relaxed" and even over the full time

After 2 months:
I "tolerated" the AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stents on both sides of the nose what I had exepcted. In my evaluation I do not focus on increasing my performance (i.e. to run at higher speed) but to recognize how strong the physical burden is by analysis of the breathing rhythm: when do I have to switch to a more rapid/shorter interval at the same profile of the track in order to maintain the same speed? With the nasal stents I recognize clear differences.
Two weeks ago during a 7 km run I slightly undercut the threshold of 6 min/km. Usually I achieve 6.15 to 6.2 min/km. I trust that the stents improve my condition. I think that especially during more critical conditions, such as at cold temperatures during cross country skiing, the effect will be even more clear due to the swelling at cold temperatures.

After 7 months:
Due to the more or less continuous good weather I do Skike at least every second day for 10-15 km. I continue using the AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent as with it I have a good feeling - concerning endurance and sense of well-being.

After 9 months:
As the snow was not good enough I went jogging for 8 km with my two colleagues instead of cross country skiing. Without stents. As I thought these would not be necessary. This was a mistake. I have immediately and very clearly recognized the difference.

Report by Mr. B. from Germany (AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent):

Without the AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stents sometimes I can´t even fall asleep due to the breathing problems. And the problems with the nasal breathing in combination with my asthma – which can´t be adequately treated due to cortisone intolerance – lead to dramatuc health constrictions.

Indeed with the stents I wake up in the morning without astmatic problems. An ENT doctor told me to switch to mouth breathing because of my problems with nasal breathing. This does not work at all. Breathing becomes worth despite higher volume. I need nasal breathing. ... It´s also a problem of swelling of the air passage from the throat to the nose. The stent obviously presses back the swelling such that breathing functions. After removing the stent in the morning the first 15 min are optimal in air passage. After that the breathing problems come back.

Report by Mr. M. from Germany (AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent):

I already had a surgery where ear cartilage has been implanted into my nasal alars. Nevertheless, even a special CPAP mask still compresses my nasal alars so that CPAP does not work well. Increase of the pressure only leads to lifting of the mask. Further surgery is not possible. The AlaxoLito Nasal Stent is fabulous: it keeps open the nasal alars under the mask! Now the CPAP therapy functions very well.

Report by Mr. N. from Germany (AlaxoLito Nasal Stent):

I am using the AlaxoLito Nasal Stent for 10 days now and I am highly satisfied with the therapeutic result. The first days were a bit "fiddly" but then I got well used to the stent. The nasal stent is a very good product.

Report by Mr. S. from Germany (AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent):

In addition to my nasal breathing problem I suffer from a lung breathing problem. This all is highly improved with the AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent. Without the stents I can can´t sleep. I am depending on them.

Report by Mr. W. from Austria (AlaxoLito Nasal Stent in combination with CPAP):

I use the AlaxoLito under the CPAP mask. The result is a confirmed improvement of my well-being when raising in the morning but also during the day. I clearly attribute this to the AlaxoLito.

Stenting of the nasal alars definitely functions. But what I believe is even more important are the next 25 mm inwards in the nose. Over these 25 mm the stent makes a good job. As a result I feel perfectly well in the morning after waking up. And I am a bit proud of my now functioning nasal breathing.

Report by Mrs. M. from Germany (AlaxoLito Nasal Stent):

I use the nasal stent now for a week and now i can well sleep through. Unfortunately, over the day the nose is still narrowed. But at least my night´s rest is secured.

Report by Mr. Sch. from Germany:  

I have suffered from moderate apnea for many years. Numerous, partly expensive operations have brought only little improvement. Moreover, the gold standard of treatment via CPAP is not helpful for me, because I have problems especially when exhaling, since the path through the nose is blocked. The air pressure of the CPAP machine is therefore counterproductive for me. The Alaxo stent, however, was the first solution that really made a big difference. I can now breathe in and, more importantly, breathe out at night again. At first, the thought of pushing a stent through my nose was very uncomfortable for me. But the pressure of suffering was so great that I did it after all, and I am more than happy about that. I think it took about a week until I got used to it. Today I can't and don't want to sleep without this great help. It's really worth it to try it out for a few days until the first unpleasant feeling is gone.

Report by Mr. K. from Germany:

Today I have bought my third AlaxoStent because the 18 months have expired again. I am using the product sind mid 2016 and I am very happy. Snoring is complety abolished by the stent. Breathing stops are reduced so far that I don´t need the CPAP mask which was my goal. I had to train the use for about two weeks. Once doing this seriously in a disciplined way, then thereafter it is no problem at all anymore. Due to my anatomy I pass the stent always along the left side and get enough air through the right side with my mouth closed.
Prior to application of the AlaxoStent I have used a mandibular advancement device for 10 years, provided by my dentist, but therapy efficacy had dropped significantly since then.
I am very satisfied now that with the AlaxoStent there is a true alternative to the mask. I recommend to everybody who gets prescribed the mask to first test the AlaxoStent.
In my view quality of life is much higher with the stent.

Report by Mr. S. from Germany:

I am continuously satisfied with the stent. And my impression is that I have a restful sleep due to the stent.

Report by Mr. K. from Germany:

I want to express my satisfaction with your product [AlaxoStent]. It saves me use of a CPAP mask and of an oral appliance, whereas the latter has become ineffective. According to the testing performed by Dr. R. (Cologne) my nightly breathing stops are in an acceptable range which leads to a significant increase to my quality of life.

What I do not understand, though, is that there may arise problems during application. Use is comparable, after some period of adaptation, to the insertion of contact lenses. It is clear that no case is like another, but it is not intelligible for me that users of CPAP masks do not massively switch to your product.

Report by Mr. P. from India:

Im about 60 kg/132 pounds in weight and 1.68 m/5 ft 6 inch tall, i.e. it´s a BMI of about 21.

It´s been a close to 20 years long journey for me with OSA. I had snoring since my 7th grade in school (age 12), and had all kinds of OSA related symptoms. But was only diagnosed with OSA at age 20. The obstructive apnea index was 20.9 and AHI of 34/h. I had undergone uvulectomy, septoplaty & turbinate surgery with no results. I then adopted sleep postures (head portion of bed raised by 30 degree) and also tried CPAP for 20 days with no or little compliance, also tried half a dozen alternate methods, with no results.

Thanks for your help and extended support in terms of logistics to trust and ensure AlaxoStent reached me on time. I received it in mid of January 2015 and it took me a week to get it right (insertion depth), then nothing stooped me from seeing good results, frankly insertion and removal is as simple as using contact lenses.

All we OSA sufferers know how a night of unrested sleep feels like, this stent has been delivering consistent results every night. I now feel very fresh with 7 hrs of sleep and higher energy levels, and thereafter never felt drowsy in the noon. I double checked with my roommates, they say its absolute silence; in the past, they have seen me gasping for breath in sleep and were very scared, they don't see any such thing now.

Although it´s bit expensive compared to a CPAP products life, but definitely worth the ease and comfort to eliminate OSA and reduce your AHI significantly.

In short I would highly recommend to every OSA patient.

Report by Dr. R. from Germany:

Your product is really super. I do no longer snore - my wife barely believes it.

Soon I will have a new test in the sleep lab in order to see if the apneas are eliminated, too. The fact that I do no longer sweat any more during the night proposes this.

Many, many thanks to you! You have tremendously improved my quality of life.

PS: The stent can be inserted without problems if one at the same time moves forward the head ...

Report by Mr. R. from Germany:

I am very glad that the AlaxoStent exists because this is an excellent therapy for me and the sole applicable one to treat my sleep apnea. Introduction of the stent I routinely had very well adapted within three days. This is really simple: insert the tube, position the stent at the right location, remove the stent ... done. In the morning simply retract the stent.

My family says that after a few weeks of using the AlaxoStent I have become again well alive!

Report by Mr. L. from Germany:

Initially, use of the AlaxoStent was a little difficult for me. At the first day seemingly I didn´t catch the right position, i.e. the stent was positioned somewhat too high and it didn´t deliver sufficient functionality. At the second day it worked already better. Nevertheless, these first days I couldn´t sleep through the night. The stent needed getting used to and I woke up several times, especially when turning around.

After some hints from Alaxo I recognized that my nasal septum in the right nasal passage – which I had used – is somewhat deviated which led to an irritation. And the result was: with the stent through the left nasal passage it worked much better. No more pain and the throat also quickly had well adapted to the stent.

After about two weeks use of the stent it works very well for me. Introduction no longer causes any difficulty, I almost don´t feel the stent anymore and I do sleep through all the nights.

From the beginning on functionality of the stent was very good. Snoring is abolished and the apneas, too.

Report by Mr. K. from Germany:

Since half a year I am using the AlaxoStent, alternating with the CPAP machine. I have recognized that I am sleeping more calm with the AlaxoStent. Also, it is quiet now. My wife has confirmed this. Initially, introduction of the stent was unaccustomed and a bit difficult. But now this works well and I am happy. During retraction of the introduction tube I shortly stop breathing when the stent opens so that positioning is easy.

Another aspect: during travel the AlaxoStent is especially comfortable as the detailed inspections at airport security control do not apply and search for power outlets is no longer necessary.

I can imagine to return the CPAP machine if health insurance covers a part of the cost of the AlaxoStent.

Report by Mr. M. from Germany:

Since 19. January 2010 I am using the stent and I am very satisfied with it. Compared to the CPAP mask (with which I complied well) now I am sleeping more relaxed to my perception. According to my wife, snoring - which never disappeared completely, with the AlaxoStent is completely abolished and I do sleep very quiet. Initially, introduction of the stent was a bit unfamiliar but after a few days I got used to it. Sometimes I introduce the stent through the left nostril, sometimes throught the right one, whereas the right one is a little easier for me. Meanwhile I have learned how far down to introduce the stent. At the beginning I have introduced the stent a little too far down which in the morning resulted in a weak pang.

Today I have returned my CPAP machine to the office of my physician Dr. B. As I well comply with the stent he agrees that I don´t need to use the CPAP machine anymore.

Report by Mr. Richard Mahr (Germany), the initiator of the AlaxoStent:

I am suffering from severe sleep apnea since about 1995. The CPAP therapy prescribed by the sleep laboratory led to a significant improvement of my disease condition. The psychological strain caused by the apnea was such high that I accepted the discomfort of using the CPAP mask for a long time.

Nevertheless, the thought if a a simple solution to splint the throat could become possible occupied my mind. Also in our patient group the question for alternative treatments was posed quite often.

By chance I got to know the founders of Alaxo GmbH who were open-minded about that problem. Based on my idea a stent was developed which, after some improvements (diameter, hardness of the material), was useful for practical application.

For many years I sleep with this AlaxoStent now. Initially, as the first user of the stent I could not count on experience by others. Thus I undertook to accomodate myself to application of the stent during the day. I used it for about two hours over several days. My initial concerns regarding introduction of the tube into the nose were eliminated after about one week.

An important aspect is how deep the stent has to be positioned in order to ensure splinting of the airway. Quite deep introduction leads to an uncomfortable feeling caused by a slight scraping. In my case this deep positioning seemingly is not necessary. It will be the task of the attending doctor to place the stent at the right position.

After long-time and regular use I can say that with the AlaxoStent there is a good alternative treatment, especially for those apnea patients who are facing problems with the CPAP mask.

The advantages of the stent are simple handling, in case of getting up in the night no need to remove and reapply the mask, during travels carrying on the stent is no problem, no electrical connection is required, likewise no purified water for the humidifier, and sleeping with an open mouth is of no influence, too. I have returned the CPAP apparatus.